Here are some of the other adventurers that provided an abundance of very valuable information and inspiration:


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  1. Hi and thanks so much for your awesome travel photography and descriptions of these beautiful places. Such a treat to wake up, enjoy my Sunday morning cup of Joe (almond milk really :-), do a search for pop top installers and land on your DIY install. Then i got carried away to South America! How fun.

    So my question is, what do you do for internet? Is there a mifi plan or similar that affords you coverage there for uploads etc and what are you using for gps? Thanks so much for sharing! val.

    • Hi Val,
      We are glad that you found us and enjoy our blog.

      For internet, we primarily use wifi at cafés, campgrounds, had stations, and the likes. The availability varies country to country. Occasionally we have gotten a pre-paid phone chip mainly for email.

      We use both Garmin gps with Open Street Maps and Skobler on an iPhone for navigation.

      One of the most valuable tools we have is iOverlander, an iPhone app that has all sorts camping, mechanics, restaurants etc.

      Emily and Tim

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