Mileage Contest Winners

Here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the results of our mileage contest! We realized that in the contest announcement we asked for you to predict our “total mileage” for the trip, but neglected to state whether the end point was when we loaded the van into the container and flew home, or if it included the trip back to Boulder from Houston. So we have decided that there are two winners, one for each end point.

When we left Boulder the odometer read 207,839 and when we loaded the van into the container in Valparaiso the odometer read 233,922, for a total of 26,083 miles. The drive back to Houston was just over 1000 miles, so when we pulled back into our driveway in Boulder the odometer read 234,958, for a final total of 27,119 miles. For reference, the circumference of the Earth at the equator is 24,901 miles.

Final odometer reading back in Boulder.

Final odometer reading back in Boulder.

And the winners are…

Interestingly, for the first end point we had a tie! Two of our friends guessed the same odometer reading, the same fun number of 234,567, which is 645 miles over our first end point. So bottles of Argentinian wine go to:

Ron Propri and Nyssa Aragon

For our final odometer reading back in Boulder, we had one clear winner. With a guess of 27,061 miles, a mere 58 miles shy of our actual total, the winner is:

Maya Knowles

Congratulations to our winners, enjoy your wine!

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