Back on the Road

After a little more than two weeks, a few thousand dollars, and countless hours of hard work, Chimera is purring like a kitten and we’re back on the road! We are now moving on to new adventures with a nearly-rebuilt engine. A big thanks to our attractive mule, Elizabeth, who managed to sneak into Colombia with two large, very heavy bags from the US full of auto parts. We are also thankful for all of the extremely friendly and helpful people in El Cocuy who not only loaned us tools and offered assistance, but were also very kind and hospitable and made our extended stay quite enjoyable.

A triumphant view back up towards El Cocuy.

A triumphant view back up towards El Cocuy.

10 thoughts on “Back on the Road

  1. I found your blog a week or more back and read the whole thing. Really enjoyed it and look forward to more. Glad you guys are back in action with some helpful duffels of parts.

    • Thanks Josh. We are glad that you enjoyed it. We are very glad to be back on the road and will have some stories from Colombia up soon.

  2. mui bien! glad to read you three are mobile again. muchas gracias for the very interesting and well written/photographed adventure.

  3. So glad to hear you got her running again and are on to the next adventures. Sure have been enjoying reading all your blogs, I think a book would be in order when you are back. 🙂

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